Care Management

GeroCare Services

Why have a Care Manager?

If the question is why have a care manager, an answer appears in a Business Week article, July 20, 2009, which "advises clients against quitting their jobs to care for an aging parent because they often lose out on valuable benefits such as employee-assistance programs, eldercare services, company-sponsored health care, and retirement savings. A better option is to hire a geriatric care manager to manage a parent's care."

What Care Management Services do We Provide?

  • Assessment - After a service agreement is signed, we meet with the older adult client or others involved to complete a comprehensive assessment, which includes physical/medical, psycho/social and living space needs.
  • Care Plan - When the assessment is completed, a comprehensive care plan report is created that lists the care recommendations, as well as specific services and facilities that best meet the older adult's needs.
  • Monitoring - Once the services are implemented for the older adult, then we can monitor these on a regular basis. We provide care coordination, scheduling, supervision and advocacy for our clients.
  • Ongoing Care Management - We periodically reassess the care needs, and when appropriate, recommend adjustments to the care plan.
  • Contact - We are liaisons between the client, family, physicians, attorneys, service providers and the community...and that means staying in touch by phone, email and fax.